Coffee Drops

New layout and a new adventure!

Last Friday I woke up decided to give a redesign here on the blog, so I went in search of new themes. After several researches I found some that pleased me, but I was discouraged to see the price of the dollar here in Brazil I was upset for a few minutes, prepared a coffee and put plan b in action: understand the structure of my current theme the rise of the dollar would definitely not spoil my plans!!

After working a lot on the blog the whole weekend, I left the layout the way I wanted and that was the result: simple, basic and objective! did you like it? I hope so, because I dedicated myself a lot.

Speaking of dedication, a few days ago I said I would like to talk about minimalism again, do you remember? So I'll bring you news!! Are you ready? Next week (Monday, 30) we will start the minimalist challenge will be 30 days of daily posts, dedicated especially to the subject of minimalism!

I'm very excited to rewrite it -- click here to open the challenge page, download the daily goals and join me in this adventure!! And don't forget to share it with me, okay? I really want to follow your path.

see you soon!!

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