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Life, day 9 - 20!

Hi friends,

It's official: I'm a person for short-term activities! What does that mean? It means that I lose interest in long-term things.

Okay, let me try to explain...

Something that needs constant attention and takes a long time to finish it makes me frustrated and soon I lose interest, but I can understand somethings take time to be finished - and I'm okay with that!

It's funny, because for the specific things I'm extremely immediate, for others I can wait. This explains a lot, at work I always choose the deadline jobs (24/48h), I sit in front computer - I get focused - and do what I have to do perfectly. Now other subjects, like the minimalist challenge that requires daily attention, even if it's in the short term - I understand that 30 days is not much - does not make much sense to me. It's not the first time I've tried and I always end up failing, the true is at the moment I'm focused on other subjects... In real life to be honest.

Ok... I had a certain regret and I went to check the list of days and to my incredible surprise I unconsciously followed some daily suggestions:

» Downsize your beauty collection: Daily care is necessary when treating melasma and rosacea. These are my beauty products, I don't wear makeup - the allergy doesn't allow me!!

My daily beauty!

» No email or social media until lunch, Unfollow and unfriend: Social media I only use Instagram, I'm losing the habit it and occasionally I post photos (which led me to press unfollow btn). The email is necessary to check in the mornings, I need define how the routine of the day will be, what jobs I should do and which I should move forward.

» Evaluate your commitments: I can't say that I'm 100% committed to my "to do list", I have subjects still waiting for my will to carry them out. As is the case with nihongo - it's something important, but I'm not taking it as seriously as I should. I need to review my attitude towards this.

» Define your goals for this year: I've already written about it and apart from Japanese studies, things are going as planned. Click here to more!

» Clean out your closet: Last week I did a intense cleaning in our rooms, reorganized the furniture, objects and separated clothes that no longer fit. Those who have children know that: they are constantly losing clothes and shoes, here it is no different, but I had an idea to avoid waste - buy only what is necessary. The quarantine made us realize what we actually use and enjoy, we learned to have only what we need and unintentionally set up our capsule wardrobe!

» Take a step towards learning a new skill: Increase my skills in games is allowed? If "yes" I'm on the right way!! Jokes aside in my first attempt of the minimalist challenge I challenged myself to learn Japanese and well... currently I keep trying despite my little commitment.

» Examine your daily habits, Practice single-tasking and Go for a walk and practice mindfulness: These are activities that I honestly can’t have a whole day for each of them. Reviewing my daily habits is the kind of thing I do while taking a shower. We mothers have acquired the multi-tasking ability, doing a single thing all day is impossible and not to mention that it is boring - I lose patience and then I should go out for a long walk and relax, these romantic scenes run away from my literature!

» Don't buy anything for 24 hours: I only got it yesterday - Sunday. It's impossible not to buy anything... last week I went to the grocery, the other day I bought stuffs for home, Saturday was pizza day, oh and I almost forgot: this week I need to go to the grocery again!!!

» No tv all day - read instead: I'm not a TV fan, sometimes I watch some movies and series on Netflix or Prime Video. I really enjoy the books, but I've read little. I had a lot books, but I'm changing them for eBooks - that's a subject for another day, okay?

OMG! The post is soooo long, it's better to stop here! I ended up getting excited and decided to write about the days of the challenge. I will not promise to write daily this last week, if it happens I will be happy and you relieved for not reading posts like that!

Bye friend, see you soon!

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