Coffee Drops

Taking a deep breath, smelling coffee and resting...

Yes, I know, it's already the end of January and I still haven't put my goals for 2023 on paper... with all due respect, don't pressure me, okay? The days are already too busy!

And after this brief outburst now let's go to the plans of the day

First of all I started choosing the annual calendar, nothing worse than being held hostage by the cell phone to know what day it is today. I really like the lovely planner site, there is a huge variety of files for download, all for free and worth checking out! I chose the annual calendar one page template, it's too much practical!

Today I tidy up and redesigned my son’s room, tomorrow I intend to do the same in my room!

I love it when I'm inspired to do this, not that our rooms are messy or disorganized, but I like it when I'm willing to make them cozier!! Even because on Monday our Japanese classes return, so it's good to get everything ready, right?

Today the day was very productive and unfortunately I forgot to register every bit of the process - ahhhh! I want to take pictures again, this is also part of the plans for 2023! take a photo of random moments just for remembrance!

My to-do-list is in constant w.i.p:

I could say that I want to read more or what books I want to read, but honestly in recent years I've been real with myself, it's no use planning a thousand things and not doing any, less is more!

Have you ever thought about what you really want for this year?

Now I'm going to gaming a little bit, join me if you want!!

see you tomorrow!

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