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Tysm 2022 - Welcome 2023

Happy New Year!!
I wish that this year we all achieve our goals, stay healthy and seek happiness and peace in our hearts ♡

2022 was a very important year for me, I decided that I needed to understand myself better and in the middle of the way I found out that I'm not as fragile as I always thought I was and that I'm also interested in political affairs. It couldn't be different, 2022 here in Brazil was the year of elections and things are not going well around here...

I am here trying to divert my thoughts, I wish I could say that my Christmas and New Year were incredible, wonderful and unforgettable with all my family members gathered, but the truth is that I have been working uninterruptedly since October 31, 2022 for my country, our freedom (physical and expression), our children and our future!

I honestly hope that in 2023, we - Brazilian patriots, will continue fighting to defend our Brazil!! Click on the image to understand better and if you are in Brazil and can't open the site, use the vpn of your choice - yes! Here in Brazil we are censored and we cannot talk and or research some subjects.

check this out!

thank you so much, all my best wishes to you ♡

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