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The minimalist week!

so I thought I could write daily and ended up discovering that I'm really an enthusiastic of the Slow Blogging movement! It's not a surprise to me, but the fact is that many things happened during the week that ended up making me very tired and unwilling to publish anything meaningless around here and if there is one thing I'm learning is to respect my limits: take care of me.

Anyway, taking advantage of the fact that today is Monday, late afternoon, drinking my coffee, listening to a very cute playlist, let's talk about the days of the minimalist challenge?

Wednesday, February 1 - day 3: "declutter your digital life".

This was the day of the virtual cleaning! Day to throw away everything that doesn't bring me joy. I cleaned my Instagram photos, I left only those special ones for myself. In fact, I stopped following several profiles as well, unnecessary consumption of alarmist information - here in Brazil we are at a delicate moment in political life, so it is better to maintain serenity and less emotion on the subject (I feel so grown up now!).

Oh, and about the emails (important too!) I canceled some newsletters from the personal blogs I used to read, nothing personal, but most of them have become commercials and others don't even exist anymore - it's sad to see people giving up writing... changes, isn't it?

My virtual life is not a full chaos! I'm only in 4 places: instagram, roblox, email and here on my blog!!

Thursday, February 2 - day 4: "no-complaint day".

I failed terribly! But I can explain myself...

I spent the day away, I took my parents to my aunt's house (something around 2 hours to go back and forth), I love driving and I must confess that I was a little scared by the lack of attention of other people driving. I honestly do not understand this need to stick with the cell phone while driving this is one of the main causes of traffic accidents.

When I got home I had so many things to do that the only thing I really dedicated myself to was taking care of myself and preparing a dinner for us. So you understand that I couldn't help but complain. The good thing is that 85% of the time I drove listening to music and singing ˆˆ well, I had fun!!

Friday, February 3 - day 5: "identify your 3-6 main priorities".

I woke up very early, prepared breakfast and woke up my son - time for him to study and time to do my work.

Stopping to think here with you, I just have to say that one of my priorities is my son, I believe that even at a certain point in my life he was my only priority. Since the beginning of 2021 I have mainly taken care of my mental health, I had some cloudy days, you know?

In 2022 I lost some people and it made me reevaluate my world. Life is so short that to die you don't have to be sick, you just have to be alive. With that I started to become my priority, someone has to take care of me, right?

If I were to list 3-6 things I would not be able to do it, because they all have their importance (me, my son, our lives, our future in peace).

Saturday, February 4 - day 6: "follow a morning ritual".

Every day my morning routines are the same: waking up, making coffee, waking up my son and planning everything I need to do that day. I think I should include some activity outside the house at some point in the day - although... cleaning the house counts as exercise? If you consider that yes, then I already do my daily activity!!

In recent years life has been very busy in fact, who lives the single parenthood will understand what I mean!

Sunday, February 5 - day 7: "streamline your reading list".

I ended up organizing my feeds on Wednesday, so I decided to spend the day out with my son! We had lunch out, walked around the bookstore (I really wanted to buy several books), visited some stores and then went back home.

Having offline days like this is not a luxury but a necessity for the human being. We need to live life longer, I'm taking it so seriously that I forgot to take some photos.

Monday, February 6 - day 8: "learn to enjoy solitude".

That's exactly what I did today. I followed my morning routine, prepared a very tasty lunch while my son was studying and then I decided to tidy up my room. I changed the furniture, enjoyed my space, went to my own company, without interruptions, no unnecessary calls - no problem! The day was really peaceful today and I am totally grateful for that!

These were the days of the challenge, I summarized a lot and I know it was extensive, I appreciate your time for having read so far, I am very happy for that, thank you! Let me know if you decided to do the challenge, I'm very curious to read you!!

Thank you for everything, see you soon!

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