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I need a vacation!

Since my son was born I haven't one day to call mine, not even a day off on weekends, after all the motherhood here is solo, so my dedication is 80% for my son and the rest for my work.

Although my son never gives me a headache, solo motherhood also has its ups and downs. I have nothing to complain about him! In his studies he is wonderful, always dedicated and very responsible. Every day he helps me in everything from taking care of his own things to doing things at home. Always very careful with me, especially when I'm on my worst days.

But I need a vacation!

I need a few days free of responsibilities! Not having time to wake up, not having to worry about preparing meals. I miss long baths, being able to sleep at any time, being able to game with no time to stop! To watch movies without being interrupted, to be able to leave home without time to back.

Sometimes I find myself thinking if I had someone to share this responsibility with, would life be calm? Would I be a person with a quiet mind? Would everything be easer? Those are questions that I really won't have an answer, currently my son is 15 years old, so I don't know if at this moment, sharing all this with a new person would make any sense.

But I still need a vacation!!

I need to work less, I need to have defined schedules and take them seriously. I say this because I often go to bed very late working or wake up at dawn to work. And living like this is not healthy at all. Invariably I wake up with a bad mood and end up being rude to people, but it's not on purpose!

Maybe I'll live a little for myself when my son turns 18... who knows?

I don't know if I could stand a day away from this life, not least because I don't see my days without "good morning mommy! I miss you, did you sleep well?" Or "mom, what do you have for lunch?" Or even "oh mom! I don't want to sleep now, just another 15 minutes!!"

What do you do to have a few moments for yourself? Share it with me, maybe I'll convince myself that I need the same ;)

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