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#2 ~ Meditate for fifteen minutes

Yesterday I wrote about the first day of minimalist challenge and it was very interesting. Staying a day disconnected is impossible, there is always an email to answer, a check on instagram, gaming a little to relax or even to listen music. It really was a very challenging day so I dedicated myself - I turned off the wifi and went to live the real life.

It's funny to say that, but can you remember the time when living real life was normal? Without internet inclusions even to see a movie? I'm laughing nervously!

After I posted here on the blog I went to read the challenge list so I thought "why not start meditating today?", while drinking my coffee, I took the opportunity to meditate a little, but soon I was interrupted with intruder thoughts "come on girl, we have a lot to do today!", so I soon got up and started putting my goals of the day.

You know, I think meditating is not something I have as a habit and as much as I've tried several times I can't adapt myself. Maybe I'm doing it the wrong way, I don't know, but the interesting thing is that at a certain time of the day I can disconnect from the world and focus on the sounds, especially the birds in the window.

Today in the morning, I decided to try again, but without success. I feel like I'm delaying my day. But in the afternoon, when I was already tired, I managed to disconnect from the world and recharge my energies and be willing to continue my chores. Tell me, is this meditating?

See you tomorrow!

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