Coffee Drops

#1 ~ Stay offline for one day

Yesterday I started the minimalist challenge for 30 days I'm so excited!! Nothing better than starting in the middle of Monday, by the way, we leave everything to start on Monday, right?

Staying offline for one day was challenging, despite having left everything organized last week, there is always something from work that needs to be solved.

I woke up early, took a deep breath, answered some important emails from work, reply some messages and turned off the wifi - the idea was to write this post yesterday, but I haven't much to say or I could plan something that maybe I wouldn't do throughout the day... so... here I'm today !!

The day was very productive, my nihongo classes started and I took advantage of this offline moment to readapt, cleaned up my study/work desk and done! ;) the rest of the day was regular, no instagram, gaming or spending all the time on phone - that wasn't bad.

This was the first day, wish me luck - see you tomorrow!

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